Tuesday, May 1, 2007

43 organizations announce campaign to solicit comments!

Today forty-three organizations representing transpartisan, nonpartisan, privacy, consumer, civil liberty, civil rights, transgender people, and immigrants have joined to launch a national campaign to solicit public comments on Real ID.

Our media release is up on the Privacy Activism site, and the Privacy Coalition site is tracking the announcements of all the groups involved -- as well as providing links to our instructions for filing comments, along with EFF's and the ACLU's. Here are a couple of excerpts:

"The breadth and diversity of the opposition is real testimony to how harmful Real ID is to so many different communities," said Deborah Pierce, Executive Director of PrivacyActivism.org and one of the founders of the Stop Real ID Now! activism campaign. "By getting people and groups who are usually excluded from the debate involved at the grassroots level, we can stop Real ID."

"The Real ID Act of 2005 turns our state driver's licenses into a national ID card, costs over $20 billion dollars, infringes privacy, and imposes major burdens on taxpayers, anybody renewing a driver's license, seniors, immigrants, transgender people, and state governments -- while doing nothing to protect against terrorism," said privacy activist Jon Pincus, another founder of the Stop Real ID Now! activism campaign. "This commenting process is a great chance for the American people to tell DHS and Congress the Real ID Act is a bad law that needs to be repealed."

The timing of this announcement, right before the webcast, is perfect ... it should give a lot of momentum to the last week's drive for comments.

So please, forward broadly!


PS: see the comments for the list of groups who are initially joining -- and we're expeecting more!


Stop Real ID Now! said...

Groups joining the coalition:

1. American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations
2. American Library Association
3. American Policy Center
4. American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
5. Association of American Physicians & Surgeons
6. Bill of Rights Defense Committee
7. Center for Digital Democracy
8. Center for Financial Privacy and Human Rights
9. Citizen Outreach Project.
10. Citizens Against Government Waste
11. Common Cause
12. Computing Professionals for Social Responsibility
13. Consumer Action
14. DownsizeDC.org
15. Electronic Frontier Foundation
16. Electronic Privacy Information Center
17. Fairfax County Privacy Council
18. Give Me Back My Rights Coalition
19. Government Accountability Project
20. Gun Owners of America
21. Immigrant Workers Union
22. Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
23. Liberty Coalition
24. National Center for Transgender Equality
25. National Council of Jewish Women
26. National Council of La Raza
27. National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
28. National Immigration Law Center
29. OpenCarry.org
30. Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
31. Patient Privacy Rights Foundation
32. People for the American Way
33. Privacy Activism
34. Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
35. Privacy Times
36. Republican Liberty Caucus
37. Rutherford Institute, The
38. The Arc of the United States United Cerebral Palsy
39. The Multiracial Activist
40. US Bill of Rights Foundation
41. Virginia Citizens Defense League
42. Virginia Gun Owners Coalition
43. World Privacy Forum

Anonymous said...

I am not in favor of this proposal. It a violation of privacy. I don't understand what's happening in this country.

bustamovement said...

Author invites each reader to sue the governor of his/her respective 46 states and the DMV of same states, to put an immediate halt to biometric ID issuances, currently underway. I am still researching how to do this, myself. Anyone with the knowledge of how to do-it -yourself, please contact:
Estevan Jenkins
This needs to be a state to state level action because the federal government has persuaded our 46 of 50 governors to abandon state ID issuance guidelines in deference to federal ID guidelines (under threat, no doubt), which, according to Jim Guest, senator from Missouri, are an international IDs.
see www.legislatorsagainstrealid.com

REAL ID and RFID are each one half of the draconian ID equation that DHS has planned for us. Let us not forget, the same kind of people (convicted felons) who sought to bring terrorism futures into the normal activities of day trading (isn't that why John Poindexter, former head of the then Total Information Awareness program, resigned?) now want to bring us IDs which will make every human on the planet track able and target able from outer space. The biometric aspect of the REAL ID is their backup identification tool in case the chips fail, are removed or are too well shielded.
Some doctors are coming out against the, for see able future of, forced chip implanting (FDA approved Verichips for human implantation in 2004) due to tumors and other medical complications.

Allow me to share the following email exchanges with industry insider, John Daugman (holds the patent for iris recognition algorithms).

The following is a series of emails that were exchanged between myself,
Estevan Jenkins, and Mr. John Daugman. Mr. Daugman holds the
patent for the algorithms used for iris recognition technology. Iris,
retinal, face, hand and fingerprint recognition technologies all
utilize algorithms for biometric technologies that are finding (already
in use) their way into identification. The Real ID mandate for May, 2008
has already been implemented in Oregon passport and driver's license
issuance in my home state of Oregon. On the inside of my back cover
of my passport, issued in April of 2007, reads:
"This document contains sensitive electronics. For best performance,
do no bend, perforate or expose to extreme temperatures."
This, of course, means that this passport has an RFID chip in it.
This also means (I can safely deduce) that my photo is now the
basis of my ID as the photos are scanned, biometrically analyzed.

Here is my letter that initiated our correspondances.

Mr. Daugman, or John, if I may call you, will you entertain replying
to my question concerning algorithms?

The first question is, do the algorithms that you use in iris
recognition cross over into other applications where biometrics are

The second, is there any usefulness in the numbers 666 in your work?
I do not possess the math and science background to answer my own
question when reviewing your How Iris Recognition Works publication.
Please do your best to not dismiss my question as coming from some
alarmist Christian, or otherwise. It just strikes me as highly
peculiar that biometrics are a match, in my mind, for the Mark (ID) of
the Beast as prophetic writings predicted a time when worshipping
(regarding as infallible, the Real ID) the image(ing) of the beast.
When 666 is associated with this ID it says that 666 is the
calculations of a man...Using the forehead (face or eyes) and hand (or
fingerprint) so that no one can buy or sell anything (unable to
function, all access denied) unless he has the mark (ID) of the beast.

Any information, relevant or not, is much appreciated.
Estevan Jenkins
Portland, Oregon

John Daugman
to me

show details
Aug 7

Thanks for your interest in this tropic.

> The first question is, do the algorithms that you use in iris
> recognition cross over into other applications where biometrics are
> used?

No, the algorithms for iris recognition are quite peculiar to iris.
Other biometrics use very different methods.

> The second, is there any usefulness in the numbers 666 in your work?

In fact that particular parameter is a critical one in the algorithms.
Another critical number is 911 (which reminds some people of a date...).
Its role (although not that of 666) is described in Equation 6 on
page 1931 of this paper recently published in Proceedings of the IEEE:



John Daugman

John. Thank you so much for responding to my question. Would you be
so kind as to provide me with more links on this subject and anything
you think I might find relevant?
It occurs to me that in mapping the face, that algorithms could
involve 3 sets of 6 points , hence, 666. I've tried searching for
confirmation of such mapping, or otherwise to no avail. Is there a
comprehensive list of key numbers beyond 666 and 911?



> Is there a comprehensive list of key numbers beyond 666 and 911?

Those are the only two, apart from standard mathematical constants
like pi = 3.14159... and e = 2.718... and i = SQRT(-1).

You are perhaps familiar with the remarkable Euler relation:

e^(i pi) + 1 = 0

That is a really magical relation, which underlies harmonic
analysis and Fourier theory. But I wouldn't read too much in to
the other numbers, 666 and 911. Numerology is a bit dodgy...


John Daugman

John. You are being most helpful. Bear in mind, my interest lies not
in numerology, but in prophetic writings. In my world, prophecy is
not set in stone. The predictions that there would come a time when
ID is based on calculations of the hand and face, and that "666 is the
calculations of a man" rings profoundly true. Also, the prediction
that all would be commanded (by government) to worship (regard as
infallible) the image(ing) of the beast, hence the REAL ID, is
relevant. What's also about to become true, is the resistance to such
draconian (or Satanic) ID, is that ordinary, otherwise law abiding
citzens are about to become criminals. Internment camps come to mind.
Also, since microchip technology is inevitably part of the equation,
people are trackable and targetable from outerspace. We are teaching
machines with AI to become ever adept at capturing our images and ID
us. How long until they become more powerful than we are? Read (or
reread) the prophecies in Revelations that describe beasts (machines)
that fly and attack people. It says the beasts have power in their
tails to hurt humans. Have you ever watched the Terminator?

Hi, John. I came across this website that deals with calculating primes. Is any of this new info for you? Are you able to give me more specifics as to 911 and 666 as far where, when, how applied in biometrics? I understand you may not agree with my assessments, but I am remaining logical and polite as I respect each person's perspective. You've been most kind. I'd appreciate being able to share the information you are giving me, and I'll be sure to mention that you are not endorsing my interpretations of your work. I'll not use it to rail against you or other people in the biometric industries, but simply draw parellels where I find them, allowing others to form their own opinions. Thanks.

calculateprimes.com home page

James M. McCanney, M.S. Physics

This web page was created to convey information to the public regarding a topic which affects your life every day of the year. Since the dawn of Civilization, Prime Numbers have stood as one of the great unsolved mysteries of modern man. The Ancient Greeks understood that there were infinitely many Prime Numbers, but did not know where they came from or why they refused to show any order. Every great mathematician up to modern times has searched for a formula or concept that would unlock the enigma of the Prime Numbers. They are used today as the "keys" of modern "encryption" codes that allow secure internet transactions and other forms of secure communications. Modern supercomputers calculate larger and larger Prime Numbers, but give little understanding of the order of these strange and illusive numbers.

The book and DVD lecture presented in this web page are the public release of information already passed within very limited and controlled inner circles. Patent, Trademark and Copyright work has preceded the release of this information to the general public (see Copyright - Patent - Trademark - Notice below).

The standard mathematical definition of a prime number is basically any number that has only itself and 1 as factors. Examples are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, etc. After many decades of research ... the mysteries of the prime numbers have finally been solved and are presented in the book with 3 hour lecture DVD entitled ... "CALCULATE PRIMES".

The implications of the solution method are far reaching, having applications in scientific fields as diverse as Quantum Mechanics and Genetics. Everything in Nature is controlled by repeatable processes, although the outcomes may vary.

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