Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Action in the blogosphere!

Sparked by today's Town Hall Meeting and webcast, we're starting to see a little more discussion of Real ID in the blogosphere. Ryan Singel's story on Wired's Threat level blog has some useful information on the webcast:

The interactive webcast will only happen for users running Windows with ActiveX, Java and JavaScript enabled. Firefox is not supported. Mac users will be able to watch, but not interact or view online documents.

John07801's diary on DailyKos has some pointers to the local coverage in Davis, and Adam Shostack on Emergent Chaos notes that DHS is sending an "Assistant Secretary, Office of Policy Development" rather than somebody higher-powered ... well, okay, actually he calls the DHS representative a "flunky". Catherine of Siena comments on Threshing Grain that she's trying to get WorldNetDaily to cover the story, and Liam Ferris has a great title for his post: Homeland Security feigns interest, so tell them what you think.

Just a blip, or the start of a trend? We shall see ...


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