Sunday, April 29, 2007

Heading into the homestretch for comments ...

The May 8 deadline for filing comments to the DHS is fast approaching, and it seems like everybody's getting ready for the home stretch. As well as our instructions for filing comments page, EFF's online FAX page makes submission really easy; the ACLU's page has some great suggestions for writing comments ("don't feel like you need to include everything") and an extensive list of talking points that make a great complement to ours. There's starting to be some really good video out there -- and we're about to be releasing some, too, to go with the podcast Deborah and Kara did earlier in the month.

So far there are a little less than 2,000 comments submitted -- which is a long way from our goal of 100,000. Still, I'm optimistic; comments usually don't start to arrive until the last minute, and on top of that I think the combination DHS/California DMV Town Hall meeting and webcast on May 1 followed by the Computers, Freedom and Privacy 2007 conference is likely to (finally!) start getting Real ID more attention in the mainstream media and blogosphere.

No way to know for sure, but it really feels to me like the grassroots energy is building and is about to break loose. With any luck at all, the next ten days will be pretty exciting!


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