Monday, April 16, 2007

What's happening this week -- and how you can help

In addition to the San Francisco get-together Thursday evening, we're working towards a broad media launch for Stop Real ID Now late this week.

Some of the questions we're likely to get from the media include "how many people are involved?" and "how much momentum do you have?" We want to have good answers for these. So please:
  • - introduce yourself in the who we are thread
  • - get the word out: to your friends and family, by forwarding the new Real Nightmare video, in comments on articles and blog posts (see the first two paragraphs of Jon's comment here for an example), in discussion forums, email, phone calls, on your blog if you have one, as MySpace bulletins ...
  • - file comments if you haven't already -- and copy your congresspeople, too!
If you've got other ideas for ways to help (or things we should be doing), please add them in a reply to this post or bring them up in one of the discussion groups.



1 comment:

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