Sunday, April 1, 2007


Welcome to the Stop Real ID Now blog. Not surprisingly, we'll be talking a lot here about the Real ID Act of 2005... and more specifically about an activism campaign that will use the power of blogs, social networks and art as well as creating partnerships and using media outreach to, we hope, stop the Real ID Act in its tracks. To stop it, however, we need you... and lots of "yous"... to help out.

But before we get into the "how?" of that, the key thing is to understand the "why?" And for that, it's easier to send you to a couple of other places. The
StopRealID website
has lots of information about issues with the Real ID Act -- including its expense ($20 billion!), privacy issues, and exemptions that mean it won't actually keep us safer. If you've got some questions or would like to discuss the issues, please visit the RealID Activism Myspace group, Yahoo! group, or other discussion forums. There's also information in all these places about what we hope to accomplish, and you can see who is already helping out. And yes, there you'll see the "how?" of it all... and why we need you to help.

We're looking forward to an exciting few weeks ahead, and we hope you'll be a part of it with us.



Anonymous said...

The page has a nice aeshetic look,, clear, crisp, easy to read. I posted some comments on though about a change in URL to privacyactivism.orr/blogger. There are tradeoffs, but I like the idea of related pages on a sinlge server, particularly when some HTML/scripts/interactive content and web management features come into play. Being able to manage the entire suite of pages from a single location where you have server control can be a plus.

Stop Real ID Now! said...

Thanks, Ed. We should be able to make it so the blog comes up at the URL you suggest as well as here. At least I think so! We'll see soon enough....

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