Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Real ID "Day of action" on May 1?

The opposition to Real ID continues to grow, but it's still hard to get this issue on a lot of people's radar. It would really help if we had some kind of flashpoint to bring together critical mass ... and the Department of Homeland Security's "town hall" meeting in Davis on May 1 is a great opportunity.

Suppose we focused on May 1 for a coordinated day of action against Real ID. I'm thinking of things like getting bloggers to cover the various issues about Real ID, in-person get-togethers everywhere in bars and cafes, discussions on the various social networks and in chat, asking people to put the logo on their pages (or as their chat avatar) ... and asking organizations to issue media releases and send mail out to their members, all with a focus on getting the word out and filing comments.

Sure, time's really short -- it's only a week away -- but we have everything we need in place to make this happen. This could kick our commenting drive into high gear -- and hopefully increase the intensity of media coverage.

What do people think of the idea?



Stop Real ID Now! said...

It's a fine idea indeed (no suprise to hear me say that, though, considering we'd talked about it!). The key, obviously, is in getting other organizations, friends, and volunteers to use this as a jumping off point, too. It amazes me out little information about Real ID is out there, so it does seem like we need a flashpoint event like this to harness focus.

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