Thursday, April 12, 2007

Poems for Privacy (part 2)

Continuing to combine National Poetry Month and privacy, I offer up another poem, on a different theme. Oh, and be sure to check out the first Poem for Privacy post for the Real ID Lullaby in the comments!

by GKP

They watch when you’re shopping and driving and eating.
They watch who you’re calling and watch who you’re meeting.
They watch where you’re surfing and watch who you’re mailing,
But tables are turned with some inverse surveilling.
Then you’ll know the places that they’ll know you’re going
Since they watched your to-ing but you watched their fro-ing.
And if you would log what you know on the ‘net
Then the watchers would know that they’re less of a threat.
Since spiers when spied on, I think it’s apparent,
Are quite like a mirror that’s fully transparent.
So don’t just take action – record it, transmit it.
If that’s viewed as sin then I say “go commit it.”
Yes, spend your time watching and spend your time blogging.
Buy wearable cameras and learn cyborglogging.
Then soon in a fate that would be quite ironic
Big Brother would find the world panopticonic.

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